Online Itinerary Planner

Click Here to Access the Online Planner

The Online Planner displays an interactive desktop version of the ATC program.  It allows you to browse the daily schedule, view scientific sessions, search presentation topics, and filter information.  

Build Your Personal Event Schedule

Registered Congress attendees are able to log in to the online desktop planner and build a personal event schedule.  The personal event schedule will download to a mobile device or tablet automatically once the ATC17 App is installed on a mobile device or tablet and you log in to the application.   

Registered Congress attendees are also able to download and print the personal event schedule in a variety of ways:

  • Two column pdf
  • Three column pdf
  • Four column pdf
  • CSV file
  • Etc.

You must be a Registered Congress Attendee and enter your Registration ID in order to build your personal event schedule.